Freestanding Stripe


AA batteries: £1.00 each or 4 for £3.00

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Mild steel stands: £2.50 each. Suitable for CD and magnet clocks only.

Wire strut stands: £2.50 each. Suitable for the following clocks: bottle,
wooden, retro and the small wall stainless steel range clocks.

Self-adhesive sticky hook: £1.00 each. Suitable for CD and all magnet clocks.

Self-adhesive Flexo metal: £1.00 each. This is used for sticking on to a non-magnetic surface and then applying your magnet clock to it.

Self-adhesive magnet piece: £2.50 each. This is to stick on to the back of your clock movement.

Backward clock operation: £3.00

Smooth flow operation: £2.00

Name/message: £2.00. Suitable for CD clocks only.

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